Summer Litter - June 2007

Amy has been mated on Sunday the 29th of April 2007 to the British stud and Eng. Champion Xanthos Black Thorn as planned.

Everything went just great. 11 welps were born during the night between the 26th and 27th of June! - 9 dogs and 2 bitches!

The litter was inspected by the DRC through Mr.R.Gabriel on August the 22nd. Mr. Gabriel's comments to the litter: "Very trustful, friendly and well socialized puppies in excellent condition, with very good pigmentation and excellently formed heads."

He gave all Puppies "excellent" for Pigmentation.

All puppies have gone to their new homes end of August. Please see Gallery: A-Litter Families and Puppy-Portraits.

Ghirali's Ashanti

Eng. CH. Xanthos Black Thorn JW SGWC

Health data


Ghirali's Ashanti


Eng. CH. Xanthos Black Thorn JW SGWC

D.O.B 25.03.2004 D.O.B 05.05.1998
Health data HD - A1, ED 0:0, Eyes - clear, Heart - clear Health data HD - 4:3, ED 0:0, Eyes - clear, Heart - clear
Owner Annett Raymond Jacobsen
Niedernhausen / Germany
Owner Heather Morss
Hampshire / United Kingdom

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Xanthos Golden Retrievers

Pedigree of this litter

Eng. CH. Xanthos Black Thorn JW SGWC

HD: 4:3

Rainscourt Son Of A Gun

HD: 7:5

Ch.Rainscourt Fall Guy

HD: 5:5

Rainscourt Ice Maiden

HD: 7:6

UK Top Brood Bitch
Xanthos Orange Blossom

HD: 4:8

Ch.Ritzilyn Cockney Robin

HD: 8:6

Xanthos Out Of The Blue

HD: 5:5

Ghirali's Ashanti

HD: A1

Ch.Xanthos Gryffindor

HD: 3:6

Ch.Ritzilyn Brandon KCJW

HD: 6:5

Xanthos Purple Patch

HD: 4:5

Ger.J.Ch.Just like Peaches Stargleam

HD: B1

Ch.Xanthos Apple Jack

HD: 3:3

Ch.Broken Silence Stargleam

HD: B1

Ultrasound - 25. Mai 2007