Our Home

Golden Label - is a small kennel - situated in the charming hilly countryside of the Taunus-Mountains in the Rhein-Main-Area.

We live in a big villa with garden and lots of fields and woods right on our doorstep. - The area is ideal for walking, tracking and for training Amy of course. Only for real swimming we have to go 10 minutes by car. - Our neighbourhood is great, - with lots of friends of the family, of the kids and of Amy of course.

Our village, Oberjosbach, has a history going back 800 years. Famous is an old Oak Tree that also dates back to this time. Today a little more than 2000 inhabitants live here on our beautiful hill above the "Josbach-Vally" from where we have a fantastic view to the highest point of the Taunus, the Feldberg (881 m).

Quite a few farmhouses still have animals and for villagers preferring fresh milk directly from the cow, - in Oberjosbach you can get it! - All around the village area, gardens and fields you find lots of apple trees. It is said that approx 27.000 trees grow here and that about 40 different kinds of apples are harvested. - When apples are ripe, Amy takes advantage of a free healthy snack when we are out. - A lot of the fruit is pressedfor apple juice, and the typical, in this area very popular "Äbbelwein", - an apple cider is made.

Oberjosbach belongs to the district of Niedernhausen. Next big town is Wiesbaden only 15 Km away. - The Rhein River separates Wiesbaden from the city Mainz. From Oberjosbach you have a 25 Km-drive to Mainz. - Frankfurt City and International Airport you reach going 35 Km east.

Niedernhausen has a railway station and direct Autobahn connection to A3.