Ghirali's Ashanti (Amy)

Health data




DRC - Deutscher Retriever Club

Registration No.

DRC - G - 0419822

Health data

HD - A1
ED 0 - 0
RD/PRA/HC postpolar - free
Heart - clear (Ultrasound/ECG)


Ch.Xanthos Gryffindor

HD: 3:6

Ch.Ritzilyn Brandon KCJW

HD: 6:5

Ch.Perrimay Hugo Of Fenwood

HD: 4:4

Ch.Ritzilyn Stage Door Jenny

HD: 4:5

Xanthos Purple Patch

HD: 4:5

Rainscout Son of a Gun

HD: 7:5

UK Top Brood Bitch
Xanthos Orange Blossom

HD: 4:8

Ger.J.Ch.Just like Peaches Stargleam

HD: B1

Ch.Xanthos Apple Jack

HD: 3:3

Ch.Golmas Governor

HD: 3:5

UK Top Brood Bitch
Xanthos Orange Blossom

HD: 4:8

Ch.Broken Silence Stargleam

HD: B1

Multi Ch.Standfast Angus


Amazing Grace Stargleam

HD: A1

Breeding Permission - Data

Nature/Character Test

DRC-Judge: Mrs. Elisabeth Weißenborn

Following comments and assessments from the judge were noted:

A bitch with lots of temperament: a tentative, happy mover, with persistent power, free and spirited. When playing without an object she is enthusiastic. When put on her back to play with the judge, - with handler out of sight, - she continues the game. Playing with an object the bitch shows the urge to secure game and to retrieve. She is very determined in her efforts to gain her goals. The bitch shows very good will to subordinate and has a good, trustful relationship to her handler. Dealing with people she is confident and friendly. She is fearless in a shut-in circle with her handler out of sight . On the course she approaches some of the optical and acoustic attractions with hesitation, however, she approaches to investigate on her own. - Gun proof : attentive and curious.

Test passed. - The bitch has none for the breed unwanted characteristics.

Passed 25. March 2006

Conformation Approval Test

Mrs. Dagmar Winter

VDH/DRC Specialist Breed Judge:

"Excellent type of Golden, - excellent shape of head with typical, feminine expression. Very good neck and top line, nice front, correct shoulders and very good rear and front angula- tions. Moves with a lot of drive. Has great charisma. - During the test: friendly and relaxed. Gun proof: secure. Shoulder height: 54,5cm. Bite and teeth correct. P1 up right is double. Suited for breeding."

Excellent 22. April 2006

Obedience Test incl. Gun Proof.

DRC- Judge for Obedience and Dummy: Mr. Jürgen Laux

Passed 15. July 2006

workingtest with Dummy (A)

DRC-Judge Michael Renner

5. September 2009

Standard Breeding Permission
for Ghirali's Ashanti

Proposed breeding conditions: None

Acquired 25. July 2006

DRC Seminars for Breeders (2)

Attended November 2006

Show Data


Puppy Class
6 - 9 Months

Youth Class
9 - 18 months

Intermediate Class
15 - 24 months

Open Class
from 18 months







2 x very promising 3rd
1 x very promising 4th

2 x Excellent
1 x Very Good

1 x Excellent 3rd
1 x Excellent

1 x Excellent 4th
4 x Excellent


V. Foss, GB
M. Shortmann, GB
B. Rabe, G

A. Woodcock,GB
V. Wilk, G

H. Avis, GB
H. Fryckstrand, s

R. Koch, G
W. Andrews, GB
V. Banberry, GB
B. Rabe, G
J. Prosser, GB


A really eye catching midgold bitch, very feminine overall, nice head, dark eye, good pigmentation, good front and rear angulations, deep through the chest, short coupled, moves with drive .

M. Shortmann, GB

12 Months old bitch, feminine head, correct neck, level topline, correct set on tail, good depth of breast, very good bone, pigmentation and coat, moves with drive from the hind quarters, friendly character.

V. Wilk, G

Good-sized bitch that needs time for her ribs to spring. Strong straight hocks, moves soundly for one so young, super pigment and balanced head

A.Woodscock, GB

Nice type of golden, nice head and expression, level topline, good angulations front and rear, good spring of ribs, in lovely coat, moved and showed well.

V. Avis, GB

Very nice head, excellent neck and shoulders, good topline and tail set, good turn of stifle, well lay down hocks, good front and rear, good depth of body, moves well

J. Prosser, GB

My first show !

Preparing for the show

Show in Lich

Show in gießen 2006

Show in Lich

Amy - in my words

Amy is a beautiful, elegant, and an outgoing golden-girl. She is extremely friendly to all people and other dogs and seems to radiate a certain aura. - She loves being with the family.

On the ferry

On the beach in Denmark

She is a Golden with very good temperament, - an extraordinary happy mover. - Loves to have fun. - In spite of all her power, she handles new situations extraordinary well. - She adjusts herself immediately. - Where we go, - Amy comes along. She has been on car-trains through the night to Denmark twice. On ferries, in hotels, big cities - she comes to Austria when we ski, to South of France in the Summer and loves the beach. Her favourite vacation place is Denmark though. No matter where you go there, - a “water hole“ is always near by!

In south of France

Enjoying the sun in Austria

Since Amy entered our family she has been trained and educated in the DRC. - A never ending topic when you are a serious Golden Retriever owner. She has typical retriever instincts, is a very eager and persistent searcher and she knows what is expected of her in the field. - No need to say, - we will keep up field education. - A very meaningful challenge for the dog, - and an interesting, fun team-hobby for both owner and dog!

Training in the garden

Water training

I have shown Amy regularly on Club Shows and International Shows since she was not quite 7 months old. Little by little we are both gaining experience in the show ring. However, the competition is hard and very professional. Amy has been placed several times and judges comments and evaluations confirm her excellent conformation.

Show training

Training with dummy